Emily Persson

Although an avid hobbyist painter her whole life, Emily found her style and her new career in 2015 when she began painting landscape, seascape and floral still-life paintings inspired by her surrounds in Queensland. Emily decided in late 2017 that she would give away a successful corporate office job and pursue her life long dream of becoming a full time artist. She relocated to South Yarra in Melbourne and immediately began exhibiting across Australia at galleries such as the Moree Gallery and Satch & Co Gallery.

Emily has drawn the eye of some of Australia’s most sought after interior designers including Thomas Hamel, Nina Provan, Lauren Li and has had her work displayed in some of Australia’s biggest lifestyle magazines including Belle and Country Style.

Influenced by master artists such as Frederick McCubbin and Arthur Streeton and by the contemporaries such as Prudence Flint and Rick Amor.

Emily’s unique style is easily identifiable with the natural world as the natural world has given her so much happiness and joy. Emily believes that nature is there for people to admire and explore and she wants that beauty that we see outdoors to be seen magnificently inside on a canvas.

“I find incredible comfort in the evocative Australian landscape. My works are created with oil paint and my great grandmothers palette knife. I create works from memory, constantly exploring the land and coming back to recreate my feelings in the studio. My impasto application of paint brings a structure like quality to my work which immediately urges you to reach-out and touch it. Having grown up in the debilitating South East Queensland drought I tend to only paint overcast skies as the comfort of rain is much more nurturing to my soul.”