Kobie Bosch

Growing up in the beautiful countryside of the eastern part of South Africa, has deeply impacted the way I express myself artistically. I remember long winter holidays on my grandfathers farm, the majestic mountains, abundant wildlife and the beautiful African skies and sounds. Maybe that is why I enjoy landscapes so much; they fill me with a sense of beauty and peace and connect me with a deep sense of belonging.

Colour plays an important role in my paintings. I am in awe of the power of colour. It constantly amazes me how subtle colour can be, how it changes the mood and perspective of a painting and appeals to our deepest emotions.

I paint whatever moves me, it could be an elegant chair sitting quietly in a corner; or a woman, lost in her own thoughts, gazing out of a window….anything that tells a story I would like to interpret and explore with my pencil or brush.

I always paint with music, and it varies from classical Baroque right through to African drums. Music opens the door to the quiet space in my head where I can get lost in the artistic moment, focussing only on what is right in front of me…..what a release!

I hope you are touched by my interpretations of life and love.