Lizzy Newcomb

Naive Modern Contemporary Artist Sydney NSW.

As a child, I would sit up next to my Dad and watch him hand colour his architectural plans with beautiful watercolours. This started my passion for colour and paint.
I grew up in Sydney and spent hours exploring the bush near my home and became familiar and inspired by the animals and plants I found.
After graduating as a registered nurse I travelled extensively throughout Europe and Scandinavia which inspired my passion for Naive art.
Over the last ten years, I have exhibited my work both nationally and internationally in solo and group exhibitions along with commissions and competitions. My most recent project has been working for Walker books in Australia illustrating children’s books.
My Naive style lets me create stories on the canvas using pattern, simple figures and animals to make a comfortable visual experience no matter what the age of the viewer.
The moments in Life that make you smile capture my interest and feature in all of my work.

I have never been without paper and pencils in hand. After travelling to Europe and Scandinavia I fell in love with pattern and design along with Naive art. I love to depict the beautiful happy moments that make us smile. I started using ceramics as a medium for my ideas and designs selling to over seventy retail outlets along with galleries and commissions. I then started painting on canvas and paper in 2005 and have held many solo shows with different galleries, completed more than sixty commissions, nationally and internationally, participated in many group exhibitions and art shows including The Naive Art Festival in Jerusalem and in Poland 2018. I’m also represented by Jacaranda Images Gallery in Jordon. Recently I have completed illustrations for two children’s books for Walker Publishing Australia.
Things that influence my art, The natural world, from ants to rivers and mountains.The connections we have with all forms of life around us.Also the patterns and texture in nature