Geoff Cunningham

“I love exploring the beauty, drama and humour in everyday life. I like to challenge our modern way of life, often by contrasting it with the past. "
"I am a stencil artist. I love the flexibility the technique offers, and the different effects I can achieve using it. I love that it combines a wide range of artistic skills - from photography, digital manipulation, detailed hand cutting of stencils, spray painting, and finally hand painted brushwork. I love the challenge of bringing all of these different disciplines together to create a finished piece that invites an emotional response, but also the opportunity for the viewer to look beyond the colours and composition to see hidden details, extra meaning or unexpected touches.”
Originally from Albury, New South Wales, Geoff moved to Melbourne to study Graphic Design, graduating from Swinburne University. After working in the graphic arts industry for fifteen years, Cunningham made the leap into the world of fine art. Completely self taught, Geoff has worked very hard to develop a unique style and has been a full-time artist since 2007.