Jo Waite

Jo Waite is a contemporary Australian artist working from her studio located on the NSW east coast.​ Her style is representational yet painterly, with an ultra-keen eye for detail. While some may see her work falling into the realist genre, Jo prefers to think of herself as an artist who paints detail rather than as a realist painter. Now a dedicated full-time artist, Jo has enjoyed a life-long love of art and has been drawing since she could hold a pencil. As winner of the 4th Annual Small Works Art Prize in Gosford (November 2017) and the Still Life section of the 2018 Sydney RES, Jo’s style of painting is very much in demand. Working mainly in acrylics due to her inherent impatience with oils, Jo loves to paint landscapes of urban scenes which evoke memories and provide a chance for her viewers to reminisce. She “delights in the details”, with the perfect painting scrutinised over for many hours in order to create a scene which will continue to surprise and delight the viewer after many views. Lucky her motto is that a day spent not creating art is a day wasted. Jo’s other great artistic love is creating still life compositions, which please the eye and satisfies her need for the “pretty”.