Michelle Dubois

I am a Mt Keira artist, born in Wollongong, and living beneath the escarpment for almost 30 years.
For the most part, I consider myself an Intuitive, Mixed Media Artist. Rarely planning what I am going to paint, but rather allowing the artwork to speak for itself and direct me, long after the first layers are on the canvas. I can often be surprised by the outcome… but it’s a wonderful, freeing way of painting, and the process can be cathartic and soul searching.
Inspiration comes from many sources, including environment, childhood, life experiences and memories. My paintings can be a symbolic, or nostalgic journey… an Imagined Dreamscape! They challenge me, encouraging me to look at things in lateral ways. Not just to see something as it is, or was… but for what it could be, what I imagine, and how it makes me feel.
My most recent artworks happen to be figurative. However, I do have a long and fond relationship with Interiors, Still Life and Abstracted Landscapes. The latter occasionally presenting itself in the form of backgrounds for my figurative paintings. As an artist, I am emerging… developing, playing and creating!