Romany Mollison

The Adelaide Hills in South Australia is a special place for me. A few years ago my husband and I (with 3 year old in tow) brought back to life an old stone cottage on an apple orchard and through this experience I completely fell in love with the landscape here.
I am inspired by nature and shadow, a mood created by a certain time of day in the landscape. I love to portray the emotive qualities of fading light, storms and mist, especially in the country and more remote places. My passion for photography plays a big part in my work and I spend many hours capturing these unique places to find that magic image that really inspires me.
Having grown up a city girl in Melbourne, I am now a fully fledged country girl, gumboots on and surrounded here by rolling hills, orchards, kangaroos, black cockatoos and mist - lots of gorgeous mist! I feel like I’m living inside one of my paintings.