Between Here And There

by Jo Waite

March 2nd - 17th 2024

Be it the beauty of the natural world … trees, scrub, rock formations, a wave crashing on the sand … or the intricacy of heritage architecture, urban scenes and crowds of people … I create art that captures and records all of the tiny details I love so much. People often ask “How can you paint all those tiny details?” and I answer “How can I not?”.

‘Between Here And There’ combines detailed scenes from two of Australia’s most popular cities and their surrounds … Sydney and Melbourne. Two cities I have been lucky enough to live in at different times. Sydney where I was raised and will always have a special place in my heart … and cosmopolitan Melbourne where I lived for 3 years in the early noughties … and managed to avoid making a single hook turn throughout that time (if you know you know).

‘Between Here And There’ showcases twenty paintings with the iconic scenes and tiny details you have come to expect and will be displayed at the gorgeous Satch and Co Gallery … which is indeed between here and there!

I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I did creating them.