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FootBall Recovery Kit

FootBall Recovery Kit

Crunching tackles, lighting sprints and spectacular strikes are all part of the game. Whether they're a top-flight pro or pub-team punter, give them this Football Recovery Kit and afford them the chance to relax. It contains our naturally formulated muscle rub to absorb deep into their hard working thighs. Our soothing foot cream will give a moment of luxury at the end of a tough game. Probably best to shower first, though.


  • Muscle rub. 50ml. At the end of a tough game, his legs are screaming out for help. This muscle run can soothe them. Made with nourishing and invigorating essential oils including ginger and peppermint.
  • Foot cream. 50ml. Football boots aren't always the comfiest of things. We make this foot cream with essential oils and added Vitamin E.
  • Support bandage. For when he's determined to play on through that injury. Performance card. Count his goals, assists and every other stat you can think of. He will have a 99 rating on Fifa before you know it.
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